All our Professional Hunter's have a sincere love and respect for wildlife and the outdoors.  They have all been hunting, fishing and spending time in the bush from when they were children. Zimbabwe is believed to have the hardest Professional Hunters and Guides examination in Africa and all of our PH's have passed these exams. In the process they had to undergo intense examination, gain significant knowledge and spend a minimum period of 3 years field experience as learner hunters before receiving their full licenses, allowing them to hunt dangerous game. 

Barrie Duckworth

Barrie Duckworth

D.O.B. - 25th May 1947.
Barrie started his wildlife career working for National Parks in 1967 until 1974, mainly on dangerous game control.  Barrie gained a huge knowledge of elephant hunting at a young age in the 7 years he worked for Parks. He then left Parks to start farming on the family farm in Mbalabala, still always with a yearning for the bush and wildlife.  He started operating safaris from 1979 and has been hunting ever since.  Barrie is well known and respected in the hunting industry in Africa and internationally, he and his wife Bertie live on Mokore Ranch and run a successful business today with their sons, Gary and Neil.

Gary Duckworth
Gary Duckworth
D.O.B. 9th Jan 1975.
Gary graduated from Falcon College in 1993 after completing his A-Levels and went on to study Agricultural Management at the University of Petermaritzburg in South Africa. After obtaining his degree, he came back to Zimbabwe where he completed his Professional Hunter’s license in 2000 and was awarded best hunter on the Proficiency exam. Gary spends his off season between Harare, Mozambique and Mokore with his wife, Melanie and they help to run the areas and business.

Neil Duckworth

D.O.B. 9th July 1977.
Neil left Falcon College in 1994 and went to work as an apprentice hunter on Mokore Ranch for a year.   After completing his learner hunter's license he went on to study Agricultural Management at Blackfordby College in Zimbabwe.  Whilst studying at Blackfordby College, he obtained his Professional Hunters license in 1997 at a young age of 21 years.  When he is not hunting he lives on Mokore with his wife Shayle and they help run the ranch and business.

Douglas Duckworth

Doug Duckworth

D.O.B. 31 Jan 1986.
Doug graduated from Falcon College in 2004 after completing his A' levels and Learner Hunters license, he went to work as an apprentice hunter on Mokore Ranch for two years, he then went to the UK and worked for BT as a Release Manager while doing a web design degree. In 2008 he came back to Zimbabwe and has been working for Mokore since.

Hilton Nichols

Hilton Nichols

D.O.B. 12th Aug 1954
Hilton graduated from Kearsney College in South Africa in 1973.  He then went on to work for a gunsmith for 2 years and after this he completed 18 months of military training in South Africa.  Hilton moved to Zimbabwe in 1978 and obtained his full hunter's license in 1980 and has been hunting on a full time basis for Mokore Safaris since then. Hilton has exceptional knowledge of firearms, ammunition and especially bow-hunting. He spends his off season at home on Humani Ranch with his wife Rae.

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